The Nourished Nervous System Podcast

Episode 36 - Weaving a Net of Resource

 Hosted by Kristen Timchak          

What is your relationship with resource?  How do you know when you are feeling resourced in yourself and how do you recharge when you are not?  

Building a net of a resource is the idea that the tiny acts of self care that you do each day create a net that can help to catch you when the inevitable challenges of life arise.

It doesn't mean that you are shielded from life's ups and downs, or that you won't feel pain.

But it can help you to navigate through these times with a little more grace and resilience.

In this episode:
  • Relating to resource
  • How to know when you are not resourced (using your Ayurvedic constitution as an indicator)
  • Weaving a net of resource with self care practices, presence and listening
  • My story of dealing with a recent health challenge and how my net of resource supported me
  • Self care isn't always peaceful
  • Presence as a container for self care

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Resources for you:

Deep Rest Meditation

Nourished for Resilience Workbook



This month's question is : "What does self care currently look like for you?"  

If you feel called to answer send me an email ([email protected]) with the subject line:  Monthly Question
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