The Nourished Nervous System Podcast

Episode 21 - You Are What You Digest:  Cultivating Agni

Hosted by Kristen Timchak          

Show Notes


There is a lot of focus in our culture on what we eat.  There are so many different types of diets each with claims to support health and vitality in different ways.  What you eat is important, but more important is how you digest what you eat.  You can eat the healthiest foods but if you aren't digesting them well, then you won't get all of the health benefits from them.

Your digestive system is intricately interwoven with your immune and nervous systems, so tending your digestion can ripple out into the rest of your body.

In this episode:

  • The connections between the gastrointestinal tract, the immune system and the nervous system.
  • The importance of digestive health through the Ayurvedic lens.
  • The concept of agni or digestive fire, and how to tend that fire.
  • What it looks like when agni is out of balance.
  • Why listening to your body is more important than following diet trends.

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