The Nourished Nervous System Podcast

Episode  41 - Perfectionism is a Form of Chronic Stresss 

 Hosted by Kristen Timchak          

Did you know that studies show that in the past few decades there has been a 30% increase in people exhibiting perfectionist traits?  

I never considered myself a perfectionist but I am starting to see areas of my life where I have a perfectionist mindset and how paralyzing it has been for me.

And I believe that perfectionism is a form of chronic stress that is rooted in a belief of "not enough"

In this episode:

  • What exactly is perfectionism?
  • Why "healthy perfectionism" is a myth
  • ¬†Perfectionism as way of thinking of yourself vs. a set of behaviors
  • How perfectionism has held me back in being seen and heard
  • Three types of perfectionism
  • Perfectionism in parenting
  • Perfectionism is aggravated pitta in the mind
  • Compassion as an antidote for perfectionism

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