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Episode  40- Being With What Is (in life and relationships) with Chandra Cantor


 Hosted by Kristen Timchak          

Do you ever notice that tension that arises in your body when the outside world is not aligning with your expectations?  

What thoughts do you notice when your current reality is not the way you want it?

It's really normal to have these thoughts and feelings, they are a part of our messy human experience, but the practice of "being with what is" can help you navigate these experiences with a bit more grace and ease.

In this week's episode I have a wonderful conversation with Chandra Cantor about all of this.  Chandra  is a yoga teacher, life coach, dancer and mother of 3 boys.  She has devoted her life to embodiment, mindfulness, relationship work and the art of living well.  Chandra began dancing as soon as she could walk, meditating as soon as she could sit still and has taught yoga for almost 30 years.  Her coaching individuals and couples brings the practice of yoga off the mat and into all areas of life.  Chandra lives in Western Massachusetts and enjoys teaching locally, on line and traveling to lead retreats and workshops wherever she can.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Being with what is as a yoga practice on and off the mat
  • Separating intentions from results
  • The radical act of reclaiming the fullness of what it means to be a human
  • Antidotes for limiting beliefs and stressful thoughts
  • Tending intimate relationship with the practice of "Date Night"
  • Making expectations in relationship implicit 

and so much more!!

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