The Nourished Nervous System Podcast

Episode 35 - Alchemizing Pain into Beauty with Maitreya Wolf

 Hosted by Kristen Timchak          

Show Notes

In this world that sometimes feels like it is pulling apart at the seams, how do you continue to walk the path of beauty?  How do you find resilience and purpose as a gift of the pain of human existence.

This podcast episode with Maitreya Wolf is the story of an underworld journey, of initiatory consciousness and of cultivating beauty and joy as indispensable skills for survival.

Maitreya Wolf is a wise woman, soul mentor, and musician, whose allegiance is to embodying sovereignty with skill, tending the wild earth with honor, living the spiritual power of Beauty, prioritizing the life of Soul as inviolable, and supporting others to do the same with her teaching and art.

Her professional life began with 15 years as a ritual tattoo artist through which she endeavored to reinvigorate the ancient practice of rites of passage in the modern world.  She has been creating and performing gorgeous original music in a ritual theater format for almost two decades, and now hosts a year-long, deep-counsel and earth-ritual mystery school called The School of Remembering alongside her evolutionary counseling practice, Soul Power Mentoring.

Throughout the course of her extraordinary life journey Maitreya has cultivated a multi-dimensional skill set related to evolving the soul, as well as potent embodied wisdom, expansive compassion, and a grounded, mytho-poetic insight into the beautiful and harrowing journey of being human in a time of profound crisis and opportunity.

It is through all of this interwoven magic that she now offers wisdom teaching, soul mentoring, public speaking, classes, workshops, ritual concerts, and other events. In everything she is and does she aspires to help people learn how to transform pain into power so that they can live lives of greater presence, purpose, magic, wisdom, and passion in this most extraordinary time of human and planetary transformation. 

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