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The Nourished Nervous System Podcast

Episode 7- Somatics and Ecology with Abigail Rose Clarke

Hosted by Kristen Timchak          

Show Notes

Our bodies are reflections of the natural world because we are a part of nature.  What happens when we take cues from the natural world in the way we are in relationship with life?   What happens when we tune into seasons of activity and rest, build connections and become aware of our interdependency with each other and with all of life?

I love this conversation with Abigail Rose Clarke,  founder of The Embodied Life Method, creator of The Somatic Tarot and The Body Oracle decks and author of Reimagining the Relationship Between Our Bodies and the World, which will be released by North Atlantic Books in January, 2024.  

In this episode we talk about:

  • Acts of self care as community care
  • Breaking up with urgency culture
  • Cycles within us and around us
  • How being real with our struggle can build connection
  • How our bodies reflect the world around us
  • The magic of using sensation language

You can find Abigail and her work at:
email: [email protected]