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Episode 25 - Ancestral Eating, Food Sovereignty, and Weaving Ritual into Daily Life with Lisa Mase

 Hosted by Kristen Timchak          

Show Notes

What you eat is a part of your everyday life.  And you have probably found that certain foods work better with your body than others.  We each have a unique constitution that is partly genetics and partly the imbalances that have accumulated over time.

Ancestral eating recognizes the genetic contribution of our ancestors and how that may affect how we eat today.  It is learning about the foods that were eaten by your ancestors and experimenting with those foods to see what works for your body.

In this week's episode,  Lisa Mase (pronounced Leeza Mah-zay ) shares about ancestral eating practices and how they connect to intuitive eating, food sovereignty and weaving ritual into daily life. 

She also deep dives into how our guts relate to the nervous system via the vagus nerve, and why personalizing nutrition can be beneficial.

Lisa is a board certified nutritionist, herbalist, health coach and author from Italy who now lives on unceded Abenaki land. In their work and teaching, Lisa weaves Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, and the Mediterranean Way to provide comprehensive and trauma-informed tools for helping the body heal itself.

Lisa is the author of The Culinary Pharmacy, which explores ancestral healing, intuitive eating, and how to create your personalized nutrition plan.  You can find Lisa's book at:

You can learn more about Lisa and the amazing work she does at

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or Facebook:  harmonized life

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