The Nourished Nervous System Podcast

Episode 20 - What's the Deal with Coaching?

Hosted by Kristen Timchak          

Show Notes


We have access to so much information these days, that there is a lot of inner growth work that can be done alone.  But what about those times when you need a helping hand from someone with a particular skill set?  Who do you turn to?  Or do you just manage for as long as you can, procrastinating the work that can help you thrive?

I admittedly have spent a lot of time in the procrastination boat because I felt too busy to see someone or the costs fel out of reach.  But I have also found getting help from trained individuals, (whether it is a natural health practitioner, a therapist, a coach or chiropractor) so incredibly helpful in helping me to truly thrive.

In this episode I talk about coaching.  But what exactly is the deal with coaching??  There are so many coaches out there with so many specialties and it can be overwhelming and also a bit confusing.

What exactly is coaching and how is it different than therapy?

What is the scope of practice for a coach?

Who can benefit from coaching?  Are there people or situations that aren't appropriate for coaching?

We'll get into these questions and more in this episode.  I hope to give a little clarity about what coaching is and isn't and also share a bit of my story.


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