The Nourished Nervous System Podcast

Episode  48- A Somatic Approach to Leadership with Pavini Moray

 Hosted by Kristen Timchak          

In this  episode, I welcome Pavani, a queer, trans human who utilizes their diverse background as a park ranger, Montessori teacher, sex therapist, and startup CEO to thrive in their current roles as a somatic coach, author, and advocate for embodying leadership to smash the patriarchal norms in the workplace. 

Pavani shares their journey through various professions, highlighting the impact of their Montessori education background on their teaching and writing. 

They discuss the importance of embodiment and somatic practices in leadership, self-care, navigating the workplace's power dynamics, and the ethical handling of power in leadership roles. 

The conversation also explores the radical act of embodying one's full humanity as a form of activism, especially for those in non-normative bodies, and the potential for embodied practice to contribute to dismantling systemic oppression. 

Pavani offers insight into managing one's nervous system at work, fostering generative conflict, and the dangers of flattening power in activist spaces. They suggest a simple yet profound self-love practice and share ways for listeners to engage with their work further.

In this Episode:

  • ¬†Embodying Power: What Power Feels Like
  • ¬†Leadership Through the Lens of the Body
  • ¬†Embodiment as Activism: Smashing the Patriarchy
  • The Power of Leadership and Responsibility
  • ¬†Navigating Power Dynamics in Activist Spaces
  • ¬†The Role of the Nervous System in Work and Conflict
  • Connecting with Pavani: Resources and Final Thoughts

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