The Nourished Nervous System Podcast

Episode  44 - Rewilding Your Nervous System with Micah Mortali

 Hosted by Kristen Timchak          

If you've been listening for a bit, you will know how much I value connecting with nature as a way to nourish the nervous system.  

It's foundational in my own self care practices and today's guest has brought it to the next level.  In this episode,  Micah Mortali, author of 'Rewilding' and founding director of the Kripalu School of Mindful Outdoor Leadership,  discusses his journey towards helping people reconnect with nature and themselves. 

Micah shares insights into  the philosophy of rewilding, emphasizing the importance of bridging the gap between modern life and our inherent connection to the land, and describes the tangible benefits of nature on the nervous system, substantiated by research on forest bathing. 

Through personal anecdotes, Micah illustrates how mindfulness and nature can profoundly impact well-being and advocates for accessible nature connection practices. 

In this episode:

  • The Essence of Self-Care with Micah
  •  Diving Deep into Rewilding: Philosophy and Practice
  •  The Healing Power of Nature on Our Nervous System
  •  A Bear Encounter: Mindfulness in Action
  •  Rewilding in Everyday Life: Accessibility and Impact

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