The Nourished Nervous System Podcast

Episode  52- Supporting the Body in Times of Grief: Somatic Embodiment with Donna Brooks

 Hosted by Kristen Timchak          

In this candid and tender  conversation, Donna Brooks shares her life story and her transformative journey through somatic embodiment work. 

She recounts her unconventional path, starting from her childhood in suburban New York, to becoming a dedicated yoga and Feldenkrais instructor. 

Brooks explores the profound impact of somatic practices on handling grief, including her personal experiences of loss, and emphasizes the need for a balanced approach to self-care. 

The discussion delves into the emotions tied with grief, the importance of recognizing the body's reactions, and how finding safety can enable emotional regulation. 

Brooks also provides insights into somatic embodiment, highlighting its role in dealing with complex emotions, and outlines her approach to helping others through grief using somatic techniques.

In this episode:

  • ¬†Donna's Early Life and Yoga Journey
  • ¬†Discovering Somatic Movement
  • ¬†Self-Care and Managing Anxiety
  • ¬†Understanding Somatic Embodiment
  • ¬†Grief and Somatic Embodiment
  • ¬†Personal Experiences with Grief
  • ¬†Navigating Complex Grief
  • ¬†Balancing Emotions and Resilience

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